Meet the Wealthbuilders Team

Billy Epperhart

Founder of Tricord Global & WealthBuilders

Billy Epperhart is a successful business entrepreneur and a nationally known speaker and author. He oversees the strategic direction of his three Colorado-based companies: “”, a venue for his financial/entrepreneurial advice, Tricord Global, a nonprofit providing micro finance loans, and Wealthbuilders Inc, which provides financial education in developing nations.

David Briggs

Founder of Tricord Global

Working with both non-profit and faith based organizations in different nations of the world, consulting and working in leadership training with many organizations, as well as serving on several boards has allowed him to observe the benefit that is realized through true transformation. His travels have allowed him to work internationally in 45 countries of the world as well as the United States.

Marina Qualls

Executive Assistant

Marina was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which is where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Marina had international ambitions, so she came to the U.S. to get her master’s in Marketing as well. After landing in Colorado, and marrying her best friend, John, Marina found a job working for Billy Epperhart.

Jordan Johnson

Marketing Manager

Jordan is a Colorado native, but left her home state to study in the second best U.S. state, Washington. There, she got a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. She missed colorful Colorado, though, and has since moved back, where she now works for Billy Epperhart.

Lilly Unger

Relations Manager

Lilly is also a Colorado native and attended Billy’s church when he was a pastor. It was there that she became like family to the Epperhart’s. When she was ready to move on from working at the bank, they hired her to their team. She recently adopted her adorable 3-year old nephew with her husband, Nick.


Miriam Luna

Partner Relations Manager

Miram is also a Colorado native and is proud of being a latina. She graduated with a Bachelor in International Affairs and a Minor in Spanish from The University of Colorado Boulder. After college, Miriam wanted experience working with an international faith-based organization and is excited to be part of the WealthBuilders and Tricord Global’s team.

Celina W

Celine Williams

Lead Graphic Designer

Celine is also a Colorado native. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Fine Art. Shortly after graduating Celine moved from her small mountain town to the city to pursue graphic design. After interning and gaining real world experience, she found a job working for Billy Epperart.