The Enneagram Personalities in Business – Part Three

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The Enneagram Personalities in Business – Part Three

Today is the final post in my three part series on the enneagram personalities in business. If you haven’t yet, be sure to read the first and second parts. As I explained in my other posts, I believe that personality tests can be a useful tool in examining and relating to your employees. I personally use the Myers-Briggs test in my business, but the Enneagram has been getting a lot of attention lately.

The Enneagram Personalities in Business – Part 3

7 – The Enthusiast

Seven’s are known as spontaneous and extroverted. They truly feel the joy in life, and that is always what they are seeking after. Freedom and experiences matter most to them. Some famous examples are Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Robin Williams.

In the workplace, Seven’s are very curious and are often open to trying new things, even if they don’t have much experience. They can be engaged in multiple projects at the same time, which makes for an effective employee.

8 – The Challenger

Eights’ are powerful, decisive, and self-confident. They are inspiring and heroic, but also can be controlling. Examples of Eight’s are Donald Trump, John Wayne, and Senator John McCain.

In business, Eight’s make great entrepreneurs or investors. They aren’t scared of things not working out, mostly because they are confident in their skills to control the environment and ensure success. They tend to be charismatic, which makes them great leaders.

9 – The Peacemaker

Our final personality type is the Peacemaker. They are easy going and agreeable, and usually provide a good foundation for any business. It is essential that you have a Peacemaker on your team, no matter the size. Famous Peacemakers are Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, and Audrey Hepburn.

Nine’s are calm, cool, and collected in the face of pressure and stress. They desire both internal and external peace, and will work hard to achieve that goal. However, their greatest weakness is that they don’t have a great sense of their own identity. They focus on other people rather than themselves, which means they work best in teams.

I have enjoyed exploring the different personality types with you. Have you seen yourself in any of these personality types? If so, leave a comment down below!

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