7 Steps for Improvement as A Leader-Manager


7 Steps for Improvement as A Leader-Manager

In my Organizational Mastery Manual, I teach you that in business, you can’t just be a leader and you can’t just be a manager. You should strive to be a hybrid of both. A manager is effective at running the systems and procedures of a business, and a leader is successful at connecting with people. If you are in any position of leadership in your organization, you need to read this blog. I’ve put together 7 steps that you can take to improve as a leader-manager.

7 Steps for Improvement as a Leader-Manager

1. Don’t try to do it all yourself.

The one-man band fancies himself a musician, but generally, people don’t gain much from his performance. He is a stuntman, not an artist. The same goes for when you are leading an organization. The biggest role of a leader-manager is to raise people up to do your job. You need to empower your people to grow and be successful, which won’t happen if you’re trying to run the company all by yourself.

2.Size up the job

Think through exactly what it is that you want to do. Have clear objectives, make plans, write them down on paper, and study them. Make sure you know exactly what you want to do. Have some idea of how you can do it and what help you may need.

3.Provide direction in writing

Stated generally, “If it’s not in writing it doesn’t count.” Putting directions in writing enables those that read it to run with it. The Old Testament prophet said, “Write the vision and make it plain.” Most people think that providing direction is just providing a vision. But real direction comes not only with vision but also when expectations, processes, and systems are put in writing.

4.Select the right people

One reason so many have difficulty managing is that they have the wrong people assisting them. You may not be able to directly select the assistance you need, but you can at least insist that they are selected on the basis of qualifications that you help to establish.

5.Establish a core dialog schedule

Have your people report back to you on a regular schedule. Regular reporting enables the leader-manager to keep a pulse on the organization. In my office, I have my employees do a report form every week. We meet every week on the same day to go over their tasks and progress on projects. During this time we can dialog.

6.Spend time in training

Unless people are trained in the job requirements and procedures, they will not work efficiently. No matter how willing a worker may be, if he lacks training, he cannot do this task properly.

7. Use people wisely.

Do not overwork your people but do not under-employ them either. Use their talents and abilities wisely. To do this, plan well, communicate with your people, and consult them on work expectations: their’s and your’s.

I hope this post has helped you identify some things you need to work on as a leader-manager. You can share what you want to work on in the comments below!

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