3 Habits for Success in 2019

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3 Habits for Success in 2019

A new year is upon us, and if you’re like most people, you have already made New Year’s Resolutions. However, there are crazy amounts of people that quit before they’re even three months in! I don’t want you to be one of those people, so I want to give you three habits for success that you can implement in 2019.

Habits tend to be more effective than vague resolutions because it is something that you do periodically. It is also something that you can track. You can turn your resolutions into habits so that they are more effective. For example, instead of saying “I want to grow closer to God”, you should say “I will read my Bible every day”. Now, reading your Bible is a habit that you can do every day that will lead you to your goal. You can also track easily if you read your Bible.

Now, you don’t have to make these specific three your habits, but I do want to encourage you to think about them!


3 Habits for Success in 2019


1.) Get in prayer

When my wife and I get up every morning, we pray for seven specific things. We pray for supernatural favor in our lives and our businesses, as well as divine connections. I believe God has put people in my life that were able to propel it forward. Because of the connections I have made, I learned a lot about running businesses, non-profits, and investing in real estate.

Whatever you are hoping for in 2019, pray about it! Our God is the God of miracles, and prayer is the avenue through which we communicate our needs.

Psalm 84: 11 says, “No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” So if you haven’t already, make prayer a habit in 2019!


2.) Learn something new

I always say invest more in yourself than you do in your job because you get paid for value, not time. The more you know and the more skills you have to market, the further you will get in life.

You may be thinking, “But Billy, I don’t have any skills!” First, I would argue that’s not true. Second, I would say then learn a skill!  Think of where you want your life to go, and make a concerted effort to learn more about that thing every day.

For example, if you want to start a business, set a habit of reading books on business every day. If you want to grow closer to God, set a habit of listening to sermons and encouraging words on your morning commute.

Whatever it is for you, commit to learning something new every day. The most successful people are the ones that read.


3.) Work towards your goal

The only way to climb a mountain is to do so one step at a time. Let’s say you want to write a book in 2019. Make it a habit to write every day. Maybe you want to become a successful musician, in which case you should practice your music every day.

Whatever your goal or resolution is, no matter how insurmountable, if you make it a habit to work on it every day, you will be successful.




I hope this post helped you thinks of ways you can implements habits for success in this new year. What habits have you adopted that have revolutionized your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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  • Bernice
    Posted at 05:51h, 08 January Reply

    I stopped making resolutions because I was discouraged by non-achievement of the goals I had initially set. But, I realise that if goals are not written down, one can walk aimlessly through life. Thank you making it clear on how to initiate and monitor new habits.

    I enrolled to attend Charis Bible College in Heidelberg, South Africa for 2019. I appreciate your wisdom on real estate investment and hope to share with you one day on how I successfully implemented your strategies in my business.

    • Belinda Seville
      Belinda Seville
      Posted at 16:28h, 09 January Reply

      Bernice, First I want to congratulate you on your decision to attend Charis Bible College in South Africa! What an adventure that will be, and you will learn so much! I cant wait to hear all about your successes and experiences at Charis! Good Luck!

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