How Social Impact Investing Breeds Innovation


How Social Impact Investing Breeds Innovation

The definition of innovation is  “a new method, idea, product, etc.” Those of you who are involved in the business world know that innovation is how we thrive and grow. Without new products, ideas, or methods, we would be stagnant.

This can be a problem in developing nations as well. Often, there isn’t enough money in a country to produce innovation or growth, which means the country as a whole stays stagnant.

Our mission is to “change the world one village at a time”. The way that we do that is through micro-finance loans. Our loans, and social impact investing all over the world, breed innovation, which elevates the nations. In today’s post, I want to tell you a story that might cause you to re-evaluate your views.


Innovation and Elevation through Social Impact


The Gospel of the Kingdom

One time, a famous Christian evangelist preached a crusade in Nairobi, and thousands of people were saved. After him came a different religious group and they offered microfinance loans to the new converts. Many converted to this new religion.

While the Christian evangelist had a gospel of salvation mindset, which is essential, this group had a gospel of the kingdom mindset. It is the gospel of the kingdom that captures the hearts of those people because faith without works is dead (James 2:20).

The gospel of the kingdom is the second half of this tale. It’s about going into a place and bringing Christ’s peace into it – permanently. We need to work on transforming hearts, minds, and lifestyles. This is the principle of tikkun olam – elevating the poverty and sadness in the world to the holy.



Many of you have heard me tell the story above. However, I want to give you a real life, on the ground example of that principle. One of our loan clients, Samuel, used his loan to start a farm. This is good for the community because they provide food, seed, and maintenance for their village.

Samuel attended the business school at Charis Bible College, so he learned quite a few things about innovation. He took those ideas back to Uganda and applied them to his farm. He uses sustainable practices in order to help the community more. They use unique irrigation properties in order to stop the run-off from draining into the village. This prevents water-borne diseases and improves the overall health of the village.

There are many ways that Samuel is introducing innovation to his farm, and it is all due to social impact investing.



Samuel and the Farm Uganda need your help. They need money for a new trailer and plow in order to serve their village more. Please consider donating. You can find out more and contribute here!

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