Building Your Own Business: Interview with Pyromechs


Building Your Own Business: Interview with Pyromechs

My prayer for the new year is that you would be able to follow the calling on your heart. I want to show you that it is possible to be your own boss, start your own business, and reach financial freedom. I am going to be sharing stories with you this month of entrepreneurs I know personally who have found success. This week, I am proud to introduce you to the guys of Pyromechs. This group of gentlemen are Charis Business School graduates and students of mine. They left business school with a plan to start a business of their own, and I am proud of how far they have come.


Tell us about you, your team, and what your company does!

My name is Devin Bellard, I am 24 years old and I am one of the founding members of Pyromechs, Inc. I am from Opelousas, La but moved to Colorado to get a closer relationship with Jesus Christ by attending Charis Bible College. I took the business course at CBC under the leadership of Billy Epperhart. Learning under Billy has inspired me to become a better person and businessman than I ever dreamed. My team is comprised of 5 inspirational guys. Will Bellamy, Tilman Renner, Cory Steinke, Steve Flores and myself. These men have a passion for God and business, it’s truly an honor to work with them. We have been working on our business for over a year and are very excited to say. Pyromech, Inc is projected to launch at the beginning of March with work being lined up as we speak.


What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I remember growing up speaking with my peers about what we wanted to do in life.  They would say they wanted to have these amazing careers like what engineers, doctors, or lawyers have. However, all I ever wanted was to run my very own business. Aside from the above, I want to make an impact in this world for Jesus. I want to be able to help other Christians thrive in this life and give them opportunities they never imagined.


What led you to choose your business idea?

In all honesty, God gave the idea to us. After moving to Colorado to attend Charis Bible College, I found myself working for a company located in Denver. This company did High-Temperature Repair work. My business partners and I worked here and loved it. Through an unfortunate chain of events, we found the company wasn’t being run very well. At that point, we all quit and continued to pursue our studies. During the 3rd year of CBC in the business course, we came up with a business idea. It occurred to us that not only would this business be fun but extremely profitable, and we haven’t looked back since.


How did you meet your business partners?

I met my partners at Charis Bible College. It was only a matter of time before we met, as classmates and coworkers.


What was the biggest challenge you’ve had to face in building your business?

There have been constant challenges to face and hurdles to jump. If I had to pick the absolute hardest challenge it would be this: communication. Communication is absolutely essential. If you don’t communicate well, people find themselves on different pages with different desires. These desires try to pull the business in any direction but forward! The bottom line is define clear expectations and do what you say.


I hope the story of Devin and the guys at Pyromechs has inspired and encouraged you. You really can do anything you wish, as long as you set your mind to it. Remember, where God guides, He provides.

What is your biggest goal for 2018?



Do you…

  • feel stuck in the daily grind of 9-5, and it seems as though your dreams may be dying a slow death. You need inspiration. You need to revive your dreams.
  • want to know which of the Seven Mountains you are meant to impact. Where is your sphere of influence? How can you make a difference?
  • need to get out of debt, learn to become prosperous, and use your money to make a kingdom impact. You need a plan for your money that involves something bigger than you!
  • want to tap into the desires of your heart and discover God’s plan for your life. You feel like there’s more. Now it’s time to find out what.

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Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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