20 Random Acts of Kindness


20 Random Acts of Kindness

This month, we’ve been talking about giving, both on a large scale and a smaller scale. I truly want to encourage you to do something good for those around you this month, which is why I’m challenging you to do a small act of kindness today! Comment below when you have completed one of the tasks! Feel free to do something that’s not on this list, too.

“People are our proper occupation. Our job is to do them good.”

-Marcus Aurelius


Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Buy Someone’s Coffee. At Starbucks, there’s a trend where the person in front will pay for the person behind them’s coffee. You could do that method, or you could take someone you know out and buy their coffee.
  2. Hold the Door. You can do this if you see someone struggling with a lot to carry or just anyone in general.
  3. Tip Big. Whether you are at a coffee shop or a restaurant, a big tip could really help someone out. You may never know the full extent to which your money helped, but it will always be appreciated.
  4. Make a Donation. You could donate food to your local food bank, used clothes to the second-hand shop in your community, or even books to a bookstore!
  5. Stop to Help. Many times when we see someone stopped on the side of the road, we don’t stop to help them. Simply ask if they need any assistance, and if you can’t help them, find someone who can. Make sure to do this safely, though.
  6. Buy Food for a Homeless Person. Everyone can do this because there’s an abundance of homeless folk, and they could all use some food.
  7. Do a Chore. Cook dinner for your wife tonight, or do the laundry. Go to the grocery store, or pick up after the pets/kids. If you know someone who is stressed out, help them out!
  8. Send a Nice Note. Send a nice email, put a note in the lunchboxes, or write a physical note. You could do that on a sticky note or write a letter. This will totally brighten someone’s day!
  9. Offer to Babysit. Parents work really hard raising their kids. Offer to babysit for a couple so they can have a date night, just the two of them!
  10. Lend a Smile. A smile doesn’t cost anything, and it doesn’t take much effort. Be the kind, patient customer, you have no idea the impact that could make.
  11. Give an Inspirational Book. This is one of my favorite things to do. Successful entrepreneurs read 60 books a year, so once you read them, regift them to someone who would also enjoy and learn from it.
  12. Ask a Deeper Question. We always ask “how are you doing?” when we see another person, but we accept a simple “good” in response. Go deeper, and ask specific questions about their day. When you do this, this shows that you really care.
  13. Have a Judgement Free Day. We all make our own judgments of others, so watch your thoughts today. Don’t think negative things about others, and focus on the positive.
  14.  Give a Compliment. It’s easy to see things we like about each other, whether it’s internal or external. Make it clear that you appreciate someone, or that they are doing a good job.
  15. Scrape the Windows. It’s winter, and though it’s not currently snowing in the Denver area, I know my wife hates scraping the windows. I always do it for her, so I encourage you to do this for your spouse or kid when it snows!
  16. Bring a Doughnut to Coworkers. Now, it doesn’t have to be doughnuts, but letting your coworkers know that you appreciate them really boosts team morale and can brighten their days!
  17. Put your Phone Away. Nowadays, we are so attached to our phone that we aren’t really present. Give the gift of your presence today by putting your phone down and giving whoever you are with your full attention.
  18. Drive Compassionately. When someone wants to get in your lane, let them in. If they cut you off, don’t honk at them. Road rage happens often, but it doesn’t change anything. Let go of the anger, and move on.
  19. Call your Family. I love hearing from my kids, and I guarantee you do too. Give them a call, or your parents/grandparents. Tell them you love them and their day will improve!
  20. Pick up some Litter. If you live in a city, you see litter everywhere. Pick some of it up, and you will be a blessing to your city!


As you can see, there are so many little things you can do to brighten someone’s day! What are you going to choose to do today? Let me know other random acts of kindness in the comments below!



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Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
  • Karen Mashak
    Posted at 08:02h, 14 December Reply

    I did a 24 hour shift caring for a beautiful lady who is on hospice preparing for eternity who wanted me to stay instead of the next caregiver. I stayed with the incoming caregiver and did not leave for the sake of this dear lady. I wasn’t expecting to get paid either.

    • Billy Epperhart
      Posted at 14:56h, 18 December Reply

      Thank you for sharing Karen! It’s encouraging to hear stories like yours. God bless you!

  • Cindy
    Posted at 07:29h, 31 December Reply

    Hi, Billy,
    Loved this blogging topic! The one thing I did this month that stands out to me is that I sent an inspirational book to my sister. We had not connected in some time, and there are some issues between us, so I did not know how the gesture would be received. This week I received a phone call from my sister – who loved the book!-telling me how grateful she was for it, and how it was just what she needed to hear. We talked for an hour, and I believe that opened the door to better our relationship. Thanks!

    • Billy Epperhart
      Posted at 12:33h, 02 January Reply

      Thank you for your comment Cindy! That was a great idea and I’m so happy to hear that. God bless you!

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