The Danger of Remaining in Your Comfort Zone

The Danger of Remaining in Your Comfort Zone

In order to obtain success for ourselves and succeed in our ventures, we have to be willing to change.

A common obstacle to change is remaining in your comfort zone. A comfort zone is an area in your life with which you are familiar. It is a place you know.

When I go to a familiar restaurant, for example, l like to sit at a certain table. I tell the hostess, “Table nine, please.” If my table is not available, I am pushed out of my comfort zone, and my entire dining experience may be ruined.


There is a danger if you remain in your comfort zone. In order to grow and change - to achieve - you must be willing to leave your comfort zone & embrace new atmospheres!


Most people live and die in a non-growth environment due to this attitude. Human beings are creatures of habit, and it is difficult to adjust to things that are even a little different from what we are used to. We like what is familiar, even if it is uncomfortable! We want to run the instant something comes into our lives that can bring us growth or change.


Remaining in your comfort zone can be your greatest obstacle to change.


Many times your comfort zone may even be unpleasant, but it is so familiar that you do not want to leave it. You have to abandon your comfort zone if you want to see change. You must let go of the old in order to embrace the new. This, of course, requires some stretching.

Have you ever done some kind of exercise and found you could not walk the next day? Your muscles were sore from being stretched. Stretching beyond your comfort zone will also make you sore. Not stretching past it, however, will make you stiff!

If you have ever tried to wear a pair of pants that was a size too small for you, you can understand what it means to resist breaking out of your comfort zone. Talk about being uncomfortable! In that situation, you only have two choices: lose weight or buy yourself a larger pair of pants.

Do yourself a favor. Break through your comfort zone and make the changes you need to make in your life!

How do you do this?

You have to develop a strategy to keep your commitment to change – to step out of your comfort zone. You need a specific plan to stay on course. You may actually need new information – specialized information about the change you desire – to develop your plan. This information will help you nail down the details of your plan and will make it easier for you to keep your commitment.

Commit to making change by stepping out of your comfort zone in 2017.

What changes do you need to make? What comfort zone have you been stuck inside? Share with us in the comments!



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Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
  • Betty Gray
    Posted at 19:27h, 02 January Reply

    Great message. I am striving to change because i don’t like rigid! Best wishes and my prayer is that you enjoy a very happy and successful year for in all your Kingdom work! Thanks for your help. Love. Betty Gray

    • Billy
      Posted at 12:56h, 04 January Reply

      Thank you, Betty! Happy New Year to you as well!

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