Systems Are The Answer

Systems Are The Answer

Last week we dove into planned systems and how they affect your business. Through systems, a leader manager is able to allocate responsibilities. As your business grows, this is an absolute necessity in assisting you with healthy leadership and management of your team. Today I want to cover how these administrative systems provide that assistance, primarily by providing information men need in order to work together efficiently.

After a leader manager approves a work plan for his organization, he needs a method for telling people how they fit into that plan, what they must do to carry out that plan, and how they must do it. Further, he needs some method to feed information back to him, so that he knows how well the work is proceeding, in order that he can take any necessary action to farther improve the work efforts of his people. The administrative system with it’s related processes, procedures, reporting etc., accomplishes these needs.

Leader managers have learned a long time ago that passing information along verbally is very unreliable. It is much better to communicate direction and expectations in writing, since people can read better then they listen. There’s an old Roman saying that says, “spoken words flyaway, written words remain.” People need direction in order to get work done properly.

Your team may easily forget or confuse verbal direction, but written direction can be referred to again and again. Therefore, as a leader manager you would be wise to learn how to use written direction to:

  1. Tell people about plans.
  2. Tell each person how he/she can contribute to the plan.
  3. Tell each person what others are also doing to contribute to the plan.
  4. The leader manager obtains information on how the work is proceeding so he can redirect the action as necessary.

A leader manager can be an entrepreneur, business owner, a nonprofit leader, or anyone who needs to get something accomplished through others. With that understanding, management or administration is best defined as the art of getting work done through others.

The job of working through other people is never easy. Have you ever heard a person say how would rather do it on their own than to take the time to delegate and explain to someone else how to do it? When a person says he would rather do something himself, what is he really saying? Simply that the job of working through other people, the act of tying their efforts together into a smooth, efficient unit is work itself.

The person who gets other people to work together uses a lot of energy. It’s called leader manager energy! There’s planning involved. There is providing direction to others so they can do the work. And then there’s inspecting work to see that it gets done properly. All of this activity and energy is work itself and takes a great deal of time.

Remember that leading any organization requires both art and science. Learning how to do it is a process like eating. You can only eat so much at one time. So it must be with your efforts to understand and build systems as a leader manager.

Did you enjoy these tips for implementing systems that will help your business run more smoothly? Join me each Monday for more tips on Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
  • Todd Grunow
    Posted at 01:58h, 20 June Reply

    Thank you so much for your mini-lessons you post on your blog Billy! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading them!

  • Bob West
    Posted at 23:04h, 12 July Reply

    Great information for those who lead teams. As a project manager it is essential to communicate your plan and delegate tasks with clarity then trust your team to execute. Written plans always work well.

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