An Update From Tricord Global: Microfinance Loans in Uganda

An Update From Tricord Global: Microfinance Loans in Uganda

Each week I enjoy sharing tips on how to invest in yourself personally and also in others. I love giving advice on how you can be effective and impactful for the Kingdom, but today I want to give you an invitation to join us in how we are making a difference in the world around us.

As you may know, through Tricord Global, we seek to change the world one village at a time by way of providing microfinance loans. Last year, Tricord Global partnered with Andrew Wommack Ministries in helping to establish Glory Bank and GloTrans in Kampala, Uganda.

Below is a video with multiple testimonies of how GloTrans has utilized the loans provided through partnership with Tricord Global to change the lives of many.


The heart of GloTrans is to empower and fully establish its clients for sustainability. Many lives have been made, dreams have been met, and people are rejoicing for the presence of GloTrans. An example is Hamuza Mugambwa, who has constructed his house in the village. He came to GloTrans because of our roofing. He was advanced with $2,778 on October 30th, 2015. Now his house is already roofed.

We also have Mr. Justus Kerry. He came to GlotTans after failing to roof his house. He was advanced with $8,695 and now he is happily living in a roofed house.

We are not forgetting Mr Jcintu. He was advanced with $8,344 October 30, 2015 and has been able to finish the house.  Also is Ncima Susan, who was advanced $1,994 in April of 2015 for roofing her residential houses.

GloTrans also helps people in the business arena. An example is Mr. Thomas J. Robert who is dealing in foreign business. He came to GloTrans and got a loan of $2,778 and has since been able to boost his business.

GloTrans also helps churches. An example is The Miracle Center. The pastor approached GloTrans and wanted to roof the church. He was advanced with $5,797 and now the roof is fully roofed. Praise the Lord for GloTrans.

It is a privilege to steward the wealth God has given us and use it to make a Kingdom difference in this world! If you are interested in donating or investing, we would love for you to get involved.

By donating, you get to be a part of projects that include digging water wells and starting farms. We have just recently partnered with Andrew Wommack Ministries to fund the digging of several wells in Karamoja, Uganda and need your help in this!

By investing, you have the opportunity to promote a sustainable economy in developing nations through micro-finance loans.  When someone receives a loan to start a business, the whole community benefits. If this of interest to you, please provide your email and name in the form provided here. We’ll keep you updated throughout the year on our investment opportunities.

Join me every Friday for tips on investing in yourself and others.

Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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