Real Estate Investing Workshop: A “Very Unique” Event

Real Estate Investing Workshop: A “Very Unique” Event

With the first ever Real Estate Mastery Workshop a little less than a month away, we only have 8 spots left and are closing registration on Easter (March 27th) at 11:59pm. Register at! But first, I wanted to give you a quick idea of feedback we’ve gotten from a similar event I hosted last October.

Back in October, I hosted a Real Estate Roundtable. This was an amazing group of 18 people who sat in a circle with my good friend Dan Dyer and I for about 2 days as we dove into the inner workings of real estate investing. I learned a lot from hosting that experience and wanted to take it to the next level: the workshop level. The workshop will be in between a roundtable and conference. With 30-50 people in the room, I’ll be taking the group through the real estate investing basics. My friend Dan Dyer will again be there to share his wisdom on real estate investing.

We’ll have time for group activities and answering the live questions we get in the room. I’m going to talk about multi-family properties, exit strategies and how to upgrade properties. And most importantly, I’m going to give you the inner-workings of the legal side of real estate investing. That’s where it gets tricky and a lot of people get lost.

But what really makes any of Wealthbuilders’ events unique, as Jay explains below, is our goal to make money to make a difference. God is invited into each of our events, and we maintain Him as a focal point through all of our teaching.

In case you are wondering what this event will be like, check out this awesome testimony from Jay Garvens who attended our Real Estate Roundtable. Again, this workshop will be different than the roundtable, but you can get an idea of how a similar event impacted one of our attendees.

“I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on several roundtables throughout the year, some of them focused on mortgage, some of them focused on actual business. This is the first roundtable that I’ve been involved with that almost specifically deals with real estate and the different complexities and different systems you can build around real estate. That encourages me a lot because I’m directly connected to the mortgage and finance world.

But more than that, this roundtable was very unique in that God is not left at the door. He’s invited in and there’s a spiritual element. It’s great when you can pray with your fellow business entrepreneurs.

Lastly, having Billy and Becky both personally involved with their time, offering phone calls and materials far beyond the actual attendance is immeasurable, beyond words. I would encourage anyone who is invited to be part of the roundtable to take advantage of it immediately. Sign up and become part of it because they only can serve so many people. They’re human beings and there is only so much capacity.

Another really great thing I didn’t expect coming into the roundtable was the tremendous amount of experience sitting at the roundtable. Not just listening to Billy, but Billy opening the dialogue to a give-and-take from everybody around the table for their different experiences representing different states and different countries.

Being a business owner myself, being in finance and mortgage myself, and owning investment real estate myself, this is the most impactful roundtable that I’ve been involved in. And I’ve sat down with individuals such as the Dave Ramsey’s, the Todd Duncan’s, the Mike Hartwick’s, the Darren Hardy’s and the John Maxwell’s of the world. This has a tremendous amount of potential and power for all the unique ways I stated.”

Thanks for the kind words Jay! If you are interested in joining me for the April Real Estate Mastery Workshop, go to to register. Again, registration closes on March 27th at 11:59pm!

We do have payment plans available so please visit the website to see if one of those will work for you.

Join me every Thursday for tips on investing in real estate.

Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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  • Yiannis
    Posted at 04:29h, 28 March Reply

    I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the market. I also understand that it’s extremely hard to get a loan to buy real estate (or to do anything, for that matter) right now, but if enough people saw opportunity instead of the sky falling, then buyers could snatch up all of those foreclosures and prevent the rise of vacancies in neighborhoods nationwide.
    Not everyone is fit to be a homeowner, as we’ve discovered to our chagrin, but it will continue to create opportunities for investors.

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