Wealthbuilders Is Now Offering Workshops!

Wealthbuilders Is Now Offering Workshops!

In January of 2015, Wealthbuilders launched its first event: the Annual Wealthbuilders Conference. This year we hosted the second Annual Wealthbuilders Conference and tripled our attendance! I was floored. It proved to me that 2015 was a year of successful beginnings—and I believe this year will be the year of growth. Our goal as a non-profit is to offer education and guidance in different platforms across the globe. And part of that happens through events.

While the annual conference really launches us into the year, it’s the events that follow after where we dig deep. The annual conference is all about networking and setting a framework for the year. We aim to empower and inspire our attendees for the year ahead. And this year, we will finally start offering those chances to go deeper through workshops. In fact, our first workshop is in April! While it’s been on our hearts to offer these other events, it wasn’t until a few months ago that we reached the place where offering them would be possible.

Last October, we took a gamble and hosted a real estate roundtable to gauge interest—and it was a huge success. In fact, you can hear what one attendee, Jay Garvens, had to say about it below.

Our feedback was so positive we knew it was time to launch some of the other events we had in mind. That’s why we’re launching a Money Mastery Workshop on April 8th and 9th in Denver. And that will be followed up with a Real Estate Mastery Workshop.

The Money Mastery Workshop will be all about the fundamentals behind Wealthbuilders teachings. We’ll cover how to get out of debt, but most of our focus will be on how to get started investing. How do you find good property in which to invest? How do you navigate concentrating in the stock market? How do you invest in your own business?

Money Mastery is all about how to reach the Third X on the Triple X Factor. The only way to reach that Third X is by investing and growing passive income. And while there will be other, advanced workshops offered for specific types of investing (like the Real Estate Mastery Workshop), this will truly launch you forward. This is for the person who has yet to build any passive income or for the person that’s in the early phases of investing. Maybe you have a property or two but don’t know where to go next or aren’t seeing the kind of cash flow you like. Maybe you have some investments in the stock market, but you’re unsure how to navigate and grow that. Then this workshop is for you.

The thing I enjoy about workshops is the opportunity for people and groups to work together and network. Instead of just passively receiving the information, a workshop offers the atmosphere to really discuss with the people around you. My hope is that you will leave with connections to people in similar boats as you are.

And if you are able to successfully implement what we talk about, then maybe in a year or two you can join us at a next-level workshop. So if you choose real estate as your investment, then maybe in a year or so you’ll be ready to join a real estate workshop. Right now we’re launching Money Mastery and Real Estate Mastery. But I hope someday to add on a Business Mastery Workshop as well–and who knows where we’ll go from there?

To register for the Money Mastery Workshop—only 13 spots left!—go to wealthbuildersinc.org/money-mastery-workshop.

To sign up for more information about the upcoming real estate workshop, fill your information out below. (You’ll also get a free real estate report.)


Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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