Social Impact: How Wealthbuilders Can Change the World

Social Impact: How Wealthbuilders Can Change the World

I want to talk to you today in this vlog about social impact investing and making a social impact in third world countries around the world. We need to understand that when Jesus prayed, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” one of the things He was talking about was the Kingdom of God coming in all the spheres and mountains of society.

The teaching of the Seven Mountains is a metaphor for the different spheres of society. There’s the family mountain, which is a sphere of society. And there’s the religion mountain. (We call it religion and not the church, because the church is in all seven of the mountains.) Then we have the business mountain, the government mountain, the media mountain, the arts and entertainment mountain, and the education mountain. These are seven primary spheres of society.

When we talk about social impact investing, we’re talking about impacting all of the mountains, not just one. This is important because we need to understand that when we implement social impact, what we’re really doing is implementing a Kingdom impact. I want to read to you an email that I received from a leader in Ethiopia about this issue. This man leads 5,000 churches in Ethiopia and wrote to me regarding the social impact and business training Wealthbuilders offers. In Wealthbuilders, we offer educational training and teaching that has a social, spiritual and Kingdom impact in all seven mountains.

This email does a really good job of capturing the impact that Wealthbuilders is having in Ethiopia.

Thank you so much for the progress and determination in doing the seminar here in Ethiopia. All of you may remember, I have tried to highlight some points to be considered into your teachings which you have in mind. To sum up about, it is urgent for the church to be aware and involve this business world, where everyone’s language is about business. If you stay here for a few days in Ethiopia and listen, people are passionate to be business owners, grow economically, and in the midst of this movement, I think the church is not sure of the ways she can be involved. Members, including most leaders, do not have clear insight in this regard. Ordained church ministers are worrying about how to do it besides their ministry. There are so many issues and challenges related to this timely issue in developing nations like Ethiopia. Sound teaching in this regard is like laying the foundation to redeem the generations to come.

I love that this leader so well captures the heart and the thrust of what we believe to do in Ethiopia. We had a tremendous Wealthbuilders seminar in Ethiopia. We’ve also had Wealthbuilders teachings in Uganda and Malawi. We hope to expand across Africa and into Asia, too.

One of the ways you can help, is by partnering. Becky, my wife, and I are asking God for 100 brand new Wealthbuilders partners this year. Many of you watching this are already Wealthbuilders partners and we want you to know how much we appreciate what you’re doing to help us to reach this vision that God’s given all of us!

We want to talk about how to make sense of making money for making a difference in U.S. and all over the world. And we make a difference when we go into these third world countries and train and teach people how to be Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs from a Kingdom perspective—a Biblical perspective. If you’d like to join us in that partnership, you can go to to sign up and join with us. And I want you to know, from me, how much I appreciate you doing that.

One of the last things I want to share with you is our Second Annual Wealthbuilders Conference. That conference takes place right here in Denver, January 22nd-24th 2016. Right now, up until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, our Early Bird special for $119 is happening (the regular price is $169).

I encourage you to go online at to read up about this event. Remember that you have less than a week to sign up at the Early Bird pricing and save $50! And I hope you’ll consider partnership too, because we believe that we’re having a Kingdom, social impact in the nations of the world. And you can join with us in doing that as you partner with us.


Thank you for taking the time to watch this vlog. I’ll see you next time.

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Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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