Change: New Product, Office, Events and Online Presence

Change: New Product, Office, Events and Online Presence

Are you ready for a new and improved Wealthbuilders and Because I’ve got a ton of changes and updates coming your way.

Over the last few months, my team and I have been in a planning frenzy as we revamp some old things and prepare for a few new things within Wealthbuilders and There’s been a lot of daydreaming and vision casting. And now is the time when we can start implementing our ideas.

We have moved! Our offices burst at the seams in 2015, but we have found an office space that allows room for our current and future growth! We moved in last week, and while the place still needs some furniture (i.e. chairs are priority), we are happily back at work. This new office also meets our needs for other ideas in our future (hint: you might be seeing a lot more of Billy).

My online presence is due for an upgrade. Over the next couple of months, I’m going to be updating this website and my social media platforms (like Facebook and Twitter) with some new and unique ways to engage with you all. You guys have stuck with me as I’ve developed this blog over the last year and a half—and now it’s going to get even better! Stay tuned for a fresh look, a Youtube channel and new ways to answer your questions.

Your experiences are about to get even more personal. We have planned an exciting 2016! Throughout the year, we will have a handful of different events for you to engage with me in a smaller setting while also networking with like-mind people. Today, we launch one of our first new, awesome events: a Real Estate Roundtable. I offered these 15 spots to attendees of the Charis Business Summit and I’m really excited to dive into real estate investing tips with this group!

Coming up next for 2016, is the January annual Wealthbuilders Conference in Denver, Colorado. Save the date for Jan 22nd-24th. I’m really excited to bring on a new speaker this year: Lance Wallnau! After that, stay tuned throughout the year for opportunities to join me in themed workshops and roundtables.

I’m going to develop some new product. One of the things I’ve had on my heart this whole year has been to finally develop some really strong video, online teaching. Come 2016, I’m going to start working on filming for an extensive membership website on the different areas of my teaching: real estate, finance, and business. These programs will be sold as a part of Wealthbuilders educational ministry. Through your purchases, we are able to take the content overseas and to our veterans.

I am so grateful to you all for sticking with me this past year. It’s been a big one. We’ve brought and microfinance loans throughout Kampala, Uganda. I’ve written and just about published my book, “Money Mastery.” And without that book, I would not have had the foundation for Wealthbuilders educational program. We’re going to use this program to change lives throughout the nations. Thank you for all you bearing with me. You’re amazing.


Billy and the Wealthbuilders Team

Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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