Flooding in Malawi: How Can You Help

Flooding in Malawi: How Can You Help

Malawi is near and dear to my heart–it was one of Tricord Global’s first big microfinance projects. I have good friends there who are still operating because of that original program. Some of you may have heard about the floods in Malawi–leaving more than 300,000 people displaced, killing about 200, and throwing off Malawi’s plans for economic growth drastically. I read that they are speculated to be 75 million dollars behind because of the damage to agriculture in the affected areas. My heart aches for the people I have come to know and love.

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The situation is dire and they desperately need emergency help to get them back on their feet. Some of these issues are things we don’t even think about here in the States–such as toilets collapsing or lack of mosquito nets.

Issues to pray about:

  • Hundreds have died–and more are in desperate situations because of lack of food and extra vulnerability to disease.
  • Risk of water-borne diseases.
  • Rise in malaria and scabies.
  • Power supplies cut off in some areas. Hospitals especially are at risk here as their generators might struggle to keep operating.
  • People are without food, shelter and clothing.
  • Crops are destroyed–this will mean extreme difficulties for their projected economic growth.
  • Rains are still persistent and so affected areas are still on high alert. Flooding could spread to other areas.
  • Roads are destroyed, making it difficult to deliver emergency aid to affected areas.
  • Over 20 schools are disrupted.
  • Toilets have collapsed, leading to diarrhea from contamination. Hospitals are preparing for cholera.

Organizations to financially support:

  • Wfp.org/Countries/malawi – WPF’s focus is on hunger. They are delivering maize, beans, vegetable oil, and High-Energy Biscuits and Super Cereal (full of vitamins and minerals).
  • Unicef.org – UNICEF’s focus is on children. They are providing a combination of water and sanitation and hygiene-related supplies, including chlorine, soap, plastic sheeting for construction of temporary bathing and latrine shelters. They’ll also be implementing hygiene awareness campaigns to prevent risk of cholera and providing school-in-a-box supplies to help learning resume in primary schools.
  • World Vision – World Vision’s focus is on children. They are providing food, mosquito nets, insect repellant, blankets, water purification tablets, and setting up safe spaces for children to spend time.
  • Emms.org—EMMS International’s focus is on health and compassionate healthcare. They are providing blankets, tents, food and sanitary materials.. They also have a strong focus on keeping the hospitals functioning and rebuilding toilets that have collapsed.
  • Salvation Army– Salvation Army’s focus is on hunger and homelessness. They are providing food, bedding and mosquito nets.

Too often traumatic events in developing nations go by unmentioned in our world. I hope that your heart is touched and you reach out to help through either prayer or support.



Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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