Money Mastery: Available Cyber Monday!

Money Mastery: Available Cyber Monday!

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On December 1st, I’m going to throw out a Cyber Monday deal for my tribe. One of my favorite things to talk about and work with people on is this topic of “money mastery.” I see so many people around me who are struggling under debt or oppression to paycheck-to-paycheck living. I want to help you get out of a lifestyle where Money is your Master.

My teaching focuses on this principle: Learn to Live on 70%.

That means you’re tithing (or giving to a charity or cause) 10%. You’re personally investing 10%. And you’re professionally investing 10%.

It’s important to learn how to invest now. Yesterday. I understand you may be living on 100% or even 110% and an adjustment of that significance is scary! It will take work and learning to get there. I’m not promising it will be easy. But I am promising you it’s possible!

It all starts with simple savings and an emergency fund. Once you get past the point of six months living expenses you start professionally investing money. And at the same time, you start investing yourself–which might mean building up some money to be able to make a personal investment.

Again, the permanent, long-term goal of this teaching is to get you to live off of 70% of your income. We bring our expenses down and our income up.

The financial industry says that you can live off of 4-5% of your net worth. If the median net worth of homeowners is, let’s say, $100,000, that’s only 4-5 thousand a year. That’s the reason why I want to teach you about money you invest. If you learn how to invest money, you can withdraw 10% and live off it. If we can’t take care of ourselves and live, how can possibly start looking towards making a difference in this world? My teaching will help us position ourselves so that we can have an impact for kingdom building and world change.

So we’ve got to think differently. It really is, for me, about helping people. My standard of living is lower now than when I didn’t have the income I have today. Anybody who does business at any level has made many, many, many mistakes. I lost a lot of money to get to where I am. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, you can get to a better place by investing in yourself and your future.

Tell me about ways money is your master in the comments below. Or share with me how you are the master of your money!

Money Mastery will be available from 12am Monday, December 1st to 11:59pm of that very same day. Our stock is limited and to ensure you get a chance to purchase Money Mastery, I’ll be emailing our subscribers and reminding you on Twitter and Facebook. 

Come back tomorrow for the final installment in my get-out-of-debt plan!

Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
  • Rebecca
    Posted at 07:28h, 23 November Reply

    I am so looking forward to this purchase of a lifetime!!

    • Billy
      Posted at 22:52h, 23 November Reply

      Thanks Rebecca!

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