Featured Follower: Jordan Rivera

Featured Follower: Jordan Rivera

Meet Jordan Rivera, aka @jriver1990. Wondering who Jordan is is? In Lawrence, Massachusetts you’ll find Jordan working a Sonic Drive-In when he’s not at school–most likely, he’ll be sharing his deep faith in Jesus with somebody.  On my personal Twitter account, you’ll see that he’s an active member in my community.

What does a day in your life look like? Well when I’m up I pray and thank God. Then I hike to get that special time with God and be one. Then when it comes to work I always love talking to them (customers) about how I changed. And then I sleep.

What are you passionate about and how do you live that out in your life? I’m so passionate about Jesus and telling others about him. I’m also going to college for health specialization in nursing. Then after pursuing the biblical school to become a pastor. It brings me joy to talk to others bout his love.

If you could share one tip or wisdom that you’ve learned in your lifetime what would it be? And what’s the story behind that? One tip would be to truly understand before judging each other. I’ve learned over time that very lesson. Growing up you were always told not to speak to strangers. I think there’s a fine line to it because when you grow up you begin to be selective in who you talk to, therefore judging but learning is a growing experience. And many times I fell was only for me to realize how much I need Jesus my true good shepherd.

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite verse and what does that mean to you?
Well I would say my favorite verse from the Bible is: I wasn’t called for the righteous to repent but for the sinners. (Luke 5:32)
The reason being is in the story behind the verse Jesus is sitting with tax collectors and sinners and the pharisees are upset and when they’re murmuring Jesus tells them that very verse. To me it’s so great to let one know: “Hey you may have sinned but if you repent and walk in faith with Jesus you’re going to be changed completely.”

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Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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